Trying Something New

Hey all!  So, this blogging thing is kind of new to me, at least being on this side of the laptop… of a blog… is new.  I’ve read blogs.  I commented on blogs.  I’ve even helped others write blog posts.  But, this is new for me.  So, I figured with all of the learning I’m doing this summer in regards to technology and literacy, why not start a blog!  (Oh, yeah, and it was a requirement for one of my courses. 😉)

Some of you might wonder why the name Tech-Know Learning… it is a play on words.  Tech (for technology), Know (for knowledge – but combined sounds like “techno”), and Learning, well that one is obvious.

I am participating in book studies this summer, taking a gazillion courses, and trying to keep up with my PLNs that I discovered about 5-6 weeks ago on Twitter.  And, summer JUST started for me, this week.  With all of that happening, I also plan on spending quality time with my ever SO busy 2 year-old daughter who is always busy with something.

So, here’s to a great start of something wonderful and TRYING SOMETHING NEW!!