Social Media as a PLN

I have been a part of Facebook since it was required to have a college ID and had to be a part of a college network.  Granted, I was taking continuing education courses to get my Michigan teaching certificate (after recently moving to Michigan from Arizona), but I had a college ID, nonetheless.  So, for me, I’ve been a part of this social media frenzy for a while.

Twitter was introduced to me a few years ago and I was really into that for a while and I let that die down, as life took over.  I got married, and all of a sudden had a built in audience.  My husband!  Only recently, have I rejoined the old “Twitterverse” and made a name for myself amongst many edtech chats.  I have some favorite chats and hashtags.  Try ’em!  I bet you’ll like ’em!

CHATS: #sunchat (Sunday chats – one of my favorites), #TMchat (Thinking Map chats), #edslowchat (a slow chat that allows all week to respond), #tlap (Teach Like a Pirate) and #learnLAP (Learn Like a Pirate)

HASHTAGS: #tlap, #learnLAP, #geniushour, #makingthinkingvisible

Each chat offers something new.  What do they all have in common?  Educators around the world who support teaching, learning, best practices, and a love of the student.  If you get a chance, find me and follow me (@zonie71).  You’ll find me around the Twitterverse working on my PLN!


Tech-Know Learning is on Facebook, too! I’m just getting the page up and running, but join me as Technology, Knowledge, and Learning collide!