Free Things Teachers Would Love

So… as a teacher, I know that budgets are thin at schools and for districts.  However, there are still *some* free things out there in this world.  Here are two of my latest favorites… This website offers permission slips for FREE!  They’ll even collect your money (but I think there’s a charge for that service).  My district won’t allow PermissionClick for field trips (yet), but I use this for when I go present places.  This way, I can get parent permission to show their kids’ work and their names (as I often present on Google Apps for Education) and although I have samples for the adults, I still like to share the actual work of the kiddos so the attendees can see what “real” kid work looks like. So, to be honest, I tried this website a long while ago.  It was cumbersome and I had issues with how it worked.  However, I tried the site again this past week and I really like the evolution the site has gone through to be more user friendly and much more manageable.  There is a free version (with paid options to upgrade – of course) and that is what I signed up to use this next fall.  I will be using my online PLNs to promote the kid work and seek responses to what they’re doing.  I am starting with everything private and branching out once I’m convinced they can “handle” the public process.

I can’t wait to *really* put these to work next school year!



Blogging, Anyone!?

As a part of a course I was taking this summer, I was to create a blog. Well, this is said blog. I’m not sure who is going to find this little gem, and maybe it won’t ever really be seen. But, I’m okay with that. I’m okay with writing down my thoughts and sharing them here. I also plan on sharing funny stories from the classroom as well as any “brilliant” tech ideas I come up with as well as explaining the failures.

One BIG thing I am starting next year is blogging with my kids. I’m going to have them write a blog at the end of every day. They can write about a test, assignment, project, evening/weekend activities. I will be using that as a living document to track their writing throughout the year. So, please indulge me. If I share that the kids are looking for feedback, please visit them.if anyone else is having their kids blog, if live to connect, especially if it’s through KidBlog (that’s the one I’ve chosen for my kids to use).

So, here’s to blogging and making it a living portion of our day!


Trying Something New

Hey all!  So, this blogging thing is kind of new to me, at least being on this side of the laptop… of a blog… is new.  I’ve read blogs.  I commented on blogs.  I’ve even helped others write blog posts.  But, this is new for me.  So, I figured with all of the learning I’m doing this summer in regards to technology and literacy, why not start a blog!  (Oh, yeah, and it was a requirement for one of my courses. 😉)

Some of you might wonder why the name Tech-Know Learning… it is a play on words.  Tech (for technology), Know (for knowledge – but combined sounds like “techno”), and Learning, well that one is obvious.

I am participating in book studies this summer, taking a gazillion courses, and trying to keep up with my PLNs that I discovered about 5-6 weeks ago on Twitter.  And, summer JUST started for me, this week.  With all of that happening, I also plan on spending quality time with my ever SO busy 2 year-old daughter who is always busy with something.

So, here’s to a great start of something wonderful and TRYING SOMETHING NEW!!