Screencasting – What to Do and What NOT to Do

So, I tried my first screencast earlier this week.  I used Jing (which is *FREE*) and made a short video (less than 5 minutes – because that’ all the time you get with Jing).  I’m going to share the video here… I’d really like for this to be a NON-judgement zone (unless you like the video 😉 ).

Now, what TO DO: (1) DO TRY!!  I was afraid to try for fear that my voice would be weird, that my voice would be crackly, that I wouldn’t explain something right and I’d have to do the screencast over and over and over.  Well, I did try three or four times, but that was all it took – for my FIRST one EVER!!  (2) Plan ahead.  Plan what you want to say.  Plan your props (if you need them).  Plan your windows/clicks.  Plan.  Plan. And PLAN some more.  (3) Have fun!  I think this tutorial for my kids will be more useful than I anticipated!

Now, what NOT TO DO: (1) Don’t freak out.  They are YOUR students (unless you put your video out there for the word to see, like I’m doing) and they will love you.  They might laugh at you, but that won’t be anything new if you have fin with your kids and are as bluntly honest with them as I am with mine.  (I do try to limit their giggles at me, when I can.)  (2) Don’t try and shove EVERYTHING into one video (that’s what I did).  I will be going back and separating this video into about 4 or 5 different shorter videos.  This way, I think I can get better explanation.  I am keeping this video, however, so my kids can see how long this project should take them in class.

So, go on!  Try your own screencast!  You’ll be glad you did!



Social Media as a PLN

I have been a part of Facebook since it was required to have a college ID and had to be a part of a college network.  Granted, I was taking continuing education courses to get my Michigan teaching certificate (after recently moving to Michigan from Arizona), but I had a college ID, nonetheless.  So, for me, I’ve been a part of this social media frenzy for a while.

Twitter was introduced to me a few years ago and I was really into that for a while and I let that die down, as life took over.  I got married, and all of a sudden had a built in audience.  My husband!  Only recently, have I rejoined the old “Twitterverse” and made a name for myself amongst many edtech chats.  I have some favorite chats and hashtags.  Try ’em!  I bet you’ll like ’em!

CHATS: #sunchat (Sunday chats – one of my favorites), #TMchat (Thinking Map chats), #edslowchat (a slow chat that allows all week to respond), #tlap (Teach Like a Pirate) and #learnLAP (Learn Like a Pirate)

HASHTAGS: #tlap, #learnLAP, #geniushour, #makingthinkingvisible

Each chat offers something new.  What do they all have in common?  Educators around the world who support teaching, learning, best practices, and a love of the student.  If you get a chance, find me and follow me (@zonie71).  You’ll find me around the Twitterverse working on my PLN!


Tech-Know Learning is on Facebook, too! I’m just getting the page up and running, but join me as Technology, Knowledge, and Learning collide!