Google Apps in a 5th Grade Classroom

I never realized how much I know, I do, or collect until I’m asked to present about how I use Google Apps for Education in my classroom.  Earlier today, someone from my Twitter PLN asked to share with another educator the different lessons, activities, etc. we do with our kids in Google Docs.  That was the inspiration for this post.  I need to make a repository of sorts to list what I do, in case I ever decide to try something old again or I forget what I’ve done in the past!

So, here’s a list, by App and I will try to go in and add pics soon.  In addition, this is by NO MEANS the complete list… this is just what I’ve remembered off the top of my head.  I’m taking a number of classes this summer, and I know I already have other activities to add to this list!  I’m sure this will constantly be a work in progress!


  • TOPIC WRITING: I have a list of 80+ writing prompts that I share with the kids and they choose what topics they want to write about.  I use it for “extra time”, when I’m discussing parts of speech, punctuation, voice, etc. I’ll ask for a volunteer, pull up the kid sample on the big screen and discuss with the class (while they all have their own docs open)
  • ALL WRITING PIECES: ‘Nuff said

SPREADSHEETS I know this is typically used for mathematical computations, but I use it for NON-math things.

  • IDIOMS: Kids choose an idiom and explain what the idiom means (all on one spreadsheet)
  • WRITING TOPICS: I will create and “open” a spreadsheet and ask the kids to brainstorm what ideas they have and list them all.  Then, I go through and take out the ideas I’m not a fan of them writing about (or that I know will be too difficult) and from there they can choose their topic for their informational/persuasive piece of writing


  • OBSERVATION LOGS: I use this in science and the kids have to take pics and write each day’s observations on a slide.  The kids work in groups, so each group has their own set of slides.
  • MEET THE STUDENTS: My best friend growing up also teaches 5th grade, but in Arizona.  We do a read aloud via Skype/Google Hangouts and read City of Ember together.  From there, we put the kids into mixed up groups in Edmodo for discussion and project purposes.  But, in order for them to et to know one another, I created a set of slides where the kids had a pre-determined set of favorites to answer about themselves.  They could include a picture of themselves as well as decorate the slide however they wanted.  My class had a large H in the corner and her class had a P (fist letter of each of our last names).  I made the link for set of slides PUBLIC while the kids were first working on it, then I switched the link to private.
  • INFORMATIONAL RESEARCH: This is something I do at the end of the year (sometimes) and the kids can choose anything fun to research.  They can include music, videos, but they must write their own research.


  • SELF-GRADING QUIZZES: I use these ALL the time for science vocab terms.  This way, in less than 45 minutes, the kids can take the quiz, I can score all 30-32 quizzes, AND get their scores back to them via email.  (I use the Flubaroo add-on.)
  • SURVEYS: Anytime I want info from the kids, I’ll have them complete a survey
  • HS SHOW BIOGRAPHIES: I do the program for a friend of mine who is the drama teacher at a local high school.  Our schedules do NOT match up in any way… they go from 7-2 and we go from 9-4.  I have a 2 year old and can’t go before school and she has a show o put on and she can’t come see me at 4.  So, her kids enter their biographical information into the form, I share the spreadsheet of info with her, and from there I have all the names and details for the program for her show!